So, you want to know a little about us?

GREATEST OF EASE started to form in the summer of 2016 when singer/songwriter Stacy Doherty along with bass' Michael Hepburn,  and drummer Travis Watts joined forces to form what is now the idea behind G.O.E. For the first year, Shawn Albright lent his 
talent the band and helped it grow, Daniel Watts also joined the mix and lent some killer leads to the project, both have since moved on and GOE continues to wow audiences with their songwriting and sound. For our New Years Eve celebration with Garage Dog, Brian Bracken and The Soul Shaker's Union, Darryl Held joined up with GOE fro the night helping to fill out our sound, look for him to be lending his talents on a lot more GOE in the future.


Whats the story behind the name?

Simply, it reflects what this band stands for and who they are, life should be lived with the greatest of ease, music the same, friendship, love, etc, etc.


What's your 'come together' story?

Truthfully, we all have a story, we all come from other bands that provided each of us with some pretty cool things to look back on, but mainly, this band was formed because of broken hearts in a few of the members and an overwhelming desire to show our children that in order to accomplish life's goals, you must put forth the effort to obtain them, and, we just wanted play music, turns out the music was well liked and here we are, great story eh?  Yeah, there is way more to it, someday it will be told.



Stacy Doherty   
Vocals / Guitar

Stacy has dreamt of music for most of his life, from the floor in his childhood bedroom to some of Canada's coolest stages, its all about the same thing, a love of notation in whatever form and sound.  A creative songwriter that took several years to evolve, and mature into what it is now, and he's absolutely loving Greatest Of Ease.


Travis Watts
Drums / Vocals

Travis is one of those drummers that has quite literally, shared the stage with everyone.  A very capable and talented musician, Travis has provided the beat, live, for some of Canada's best country music artists, from rural roots, to hall of fame artists, he's done it all.  Travis is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, so come say hi next time you see him.


Michael Hepburn
Bass / Vocals


glimpse into Michael; Duran Duran, to Van Halen, to Sevendust, Mike's listening evolution pretty much sums up his playing abilities, diverse, solid, inventive with a little bit of high school jazz band thrown in there as well.  Micheal and Stacy have intertwined musically for much of their life, aforementioned jazz band, Fishbelly White in their youth, and now GOE.  Mike adds that flavour that just suddenly appears, that musical addition you don't think of.  His creativity and lust for life is very apparent when you see him live, and you might just see him pay homage to VH with a little 'JUMP'.