All shows are cancelled or postponed for the time being, 

which is likely all of 2020.  We will be working on rebooking 

existing shows first and announcing the 2021 schedule as soon

as the world returns to a safer place.

Want to help us out, call your local station and request our music,

stream GOE on your favourite service and LIKE our social media.

Much love, stay safe!



Well folks, I hope that you are all doing well and staying safe during Covid-19, a bunch of our dates have been cancelled for the time being but we will make up these dates asap.  We are extremely happy with the album release despite what is going on around the world and thank you all for sharing it. Keep and eye on our facebook page for current updates.

Past Life Echoes was recorded at Azzarello Studio's over the course of a year and a bit.  Why did it take so long?  Well, Stacy had two shoulder surgeries over that period, and Travis had one knee surgery.  So, hitting middle age has some hiccups at times. Greatest Of Ease was also expanding and retracting during this duration of time, all the while, GOE played some pretty cool shows and some even more awe inspiring locations, but, we hope the best is still to come.

So, some of the folks that played on the album, they deserve a huge thank you, and we could not have done it without you.

Brian Martin lent his pedal steel skills to GOE for Never Going Back, From Grace and Beginning Of Her.

Jakeb Prentice lent us his piano skills throughout the album.

Daniel Watts for his guitar work throughout PLE.


Joe Azzarello for bass on Algonquin Black Water

Stephen Francis for rhythm guitar on Algonquin Black Water and co-writing the song.

Shaun Savoy for slide guitar and backing vocals on The New


Shawn Albright for guitar on The New and harmonica on Beginning Of Her.

Recorded and mixed by Matt Azzarello
Produced by Matt Azzarello

Mastering at Nada Studio by John Naclerio

Cover model Claudia Ninivaggi

Cover photographer Chris Bailey (Infernal Majesty)

Cover layout Stacy Doherty